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Re: Inner Light, LOL

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I do not *want* that, but that's where it always seems to come to.

I mean, a show about giant ships zooming through space with bombastic orchestral music, aliens, special effects, hot babes and all that jazz -- and they make an episode about a LITTLE FLUTE? come on!
The episode was not about the flute. It was about Picard experiencing another life as a member of an entirely different people who wanted to be remembered.
On that note - I've always thought the episode was slightly hampered by the fact that the culture of Kataan is indistinguishable from every other single-village, tabard-wearing planet the D ever visited. The probe plan to tell the universe all about their lost ways seems kind of a waste of effort tbh.
The people of Kataan didn't know that.

It's like the Voyager Record sent out with the probes... maybe every other technological civilization does something similar - if so, should that make our effort pointless?

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But he got a flute!
There seems to be a lot of emphasis in this thread on the flute. Flutes, properly played, are beautiful instruments. Flute music can relax you, it can make you want to dance, it can be sublime.

Would you be happier if Picard had been gifted a trumpet? A kazoo? A drum set?

Maybe a baliset? (Dune reference for those unfamiliar with the 1984 Dune movie in which Patrick Stewart played Gurney Halleck - an elite fighter who also sang and played the 9-stringed baliset; a deleted scene shows him actually playing it, and it's HORRIBLE).
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