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Re: Why didn't the crew start calling Seven 'Annika'?

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I know the character preferred Seven as she was only a kid when she was assimilated; I just can't imagine Deanna Troi or Ezri Dax as counselors thinking it was a good idea.

Yes, Deanna and Ezri would have gone for it, even if they thought it was a bad idea. Good therapists wouldn't force anything unless really necessary.
I am so glad we never saw that scene. I am so glad we didn't have a counselor on VOY.

It's 7's name to choose. Having had everything about her human life taken away from her against her will and then, twenty years later having had everything about her Borg life taken away from her against her will I think her autonomy on the issue of her name is only a good thing. The last thing she needs is to be encouraged to call herself something other than what she wants.

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