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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Right now, I'm nearing the end of my Jon Pertwee DVDs. I just watched "Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part 2" the other day. I don't know why everyone slags off on the dinosaurs all the time. The puppets aren't great but they're about on par with most special effects from the classic series. I'd certainly say that the dinosaurs looked far less rediculous than the Myrka from "Warriors of the Deep."

If anything, the silliest part of the Dinosaur effects is that sometimes the eyelines don't match up at all. There's one scene in particular at the beginning of Part 2 where one of the UNIT soldiers is clearly not shooting at the T-Rex at all. He seems to be shooting at something about 8 feet to the left of the T-Rex.

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Which probably also explains why the TARDIS is so much cleaner and nicer looking now as well (personally I'd love to see it be a bit more weathered and beat up again, but somehow I doubt that's ever going to happen).
It's funny how beat up the old prop is in the classic serials I've been watching. I know Who didn't have the best budget but isn't it basically wood and blue paint?
I think so. And not even very good wood or blue paint at that.

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Spearhead is perhaps one of the best entrees in to classic Who. It sets the viewer up with all the fundamentals they need to know, without expecting them to know them all already. It's almost like a second pilot episode in a lot of ways...
I'm not so sure about that. "Spearhead from Space" was the first Doctor Who story that I ever saw ever. It's decent enough. But I confess to feeling somewhat lost when I first saw it. It's an Earth-based UNIT story, which was not at all what I was expecting the show to be when I first watched it. And the story does kind of expect you to have some prior understanding of the relationship between the Doctor & the Brigadier. Being a post-regeneration story, it spends a lot of time just getting everyone else resettled into the new normal.

"The Invasion" would probably be a better intro to the UNIT stories. Or maybe one of the other Season 7 stories like "The Silurians" or "The Ambassadors of Death," after the new format has already been established a little bit.
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