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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

You get that it's a joke--trying to be light here
Here is something with a bit more meat:
You hear a lot of overworked phrases like "standing armies" as if that's a bad thing.

I want to see larger numbers employed in space fields, not fewer.

Offshoring jobs has hurt American industrial power--and now the same people (with "Rand" as a first name) want to do that to spaceflight? Fah!
DoD and the folks behind the Farm Bill have a lot of muscle that all but makes them cut proof--and I want spaceflight to have that same broad base of support--that same unassailable power of the Pentagon and ADM.

This is what made the Soviet Chief Designers so much more powerful than many of our NASA Chief Admins. They had less money than the US, but more bullying power, in that the missilemen there were rather like the Air Force here--they made up a real power block, and had the design bureaux fought each other less sharply--with Glushko undercutting Korolyov at every turn--the Space Race would have been even closer.

On the other hand, the whole collapse of the Air Taxi/Very Light Jet model proves you cannot depend on the invisible hand of a market that has no qualms in dropping you.
I close by posing a very important question you have to ask yourself:

Is the cause of spaceflight helped by less folks having a vested interest in space--or more?

I already know the answer to that question...and the trend has not been pretty

Oh yeah, that and the real reason Rodman was in the DPRK is that he was the only one tall enough to hook up the umbilical from the gantry to their new rocket.
Then too, maybe that's not so funny.

Another reason to be behind "big Gov't" can be found in this exchange I had over at nextbig:

"The dissappointment of my career was knocking at the door of Dr. Myrabo to the unfortunate news of his retirement. The lightcraft should have the potential to carry on board lasers in 10 maybe 15 years."

My response: "This is why we need more money for gov't institutions, so the loss of any one person won't sink a line of research"

For those of you who want depots

If we ever have anything remotely like the scenario we saw in the movie Gravity, it won't be from some ASAT test or geosynch junk--it'll be some "Safe Is Not An Option" type private depot coming apart in LEO.

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