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Re: Why didn't the crew start calling Seven 'Annika'?

NEELIX: Annika? Annika Hansen.
SEVEN: There is no one here by that name.
NEELIX: Are you sure, because I have a letter here addressed to her. I never realised you knew anyone from the Alpha quadrant.
SEVEN: I don't.
NEELIX: Well, it looks like someone knows you. Who's it from.
SEVEN: Claudia Hansen. She claims to be a sister of my father.
NEELIX: Your aunt.
SEVEN: She is looking forward to meeting me.
NEELIX: That's great. Starfleet's appointed me Ambassador to the Lan'Tuana sector.
SEVEN: Ambassador.
NEELIX: I guess they thought I'd have a flair for quadrupeds.
JANEWAY: Seven of Nine, you told me you wouldn't make any more attempts to contact the Borg. I want to believe that is true.
SEVEN: I assure you it is.
JANEWAY: I've decided not to post a security detail while you're in Engineering, but you have to realise there are rules. You'll be expected to follow our protocols. You'll report directly to Lieutenant Torres and obey any order she gives you.
SEVEN: I understand.
JANEWAY: One more thing. Your designation, Seven of Nine. It's a little cumbersome. Wouldn't you prefer to be called by your given name, Annika?
SEVEN: I have been Seven of Nine for as long as I can remember.
JANEWAY: All right, but maybe we could streamline it a little. How would you feel about Seven.
SEVEN: Imprecise, but acceptable.
TUVOK [OC]: Tuvok to Captain Janeway.
JANEWAY: Yes, Tuvok.
Seven of Nine was her Slave Name.

I guess that that's not such an awful stigma for this lady.
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