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Re: Lost Girl season 4

I've been enjoying this extra wrinkle in Lauren's story. At the very least, it means we got to see her as a redhead. Vast improvement!

And she was a super-badass when she realized that she & Crystal were kidnapped over fae bullshit rather than her terrorist past. Granted, she completely misjudged the actual person on the other side of that wall, but she still handled it like a boss.

(I also think that Lauren has misjudged Hale a bit. I don't think he would ever stoop to locking her in a room, chaining her up, and giving her cryptic instructions Saw-style. Hale, while unwilling to allow Lauren to pursue non-fae-related side projects, seemed generally more progressive than that. Threatening to kill a hostage would have been more Lachlan's thing.)

I liked that Lauren was immediately able to see the parallels between Crystal spy-banging her and when Lauren spy-banged Bo back in "Vexed." (Was "spy-bang" even a term before Kenzi said it back in Season 2?)

I don't like how they're trying to push Kenzi/Hale as a thing this season. I can kinda see Hale being attracted to Kenzi. (He's a guy. She's hot. Of course he's going to be at least a little attracted to her.) But on Kenzi's side, I keep getting a bit of a just-friends vibe. I think there's way more heat between Kenzi & Dyson than between Kenzi & Hale.

Heck, I'd be more interested in seeing Kenzi & Bruce hookup. I love Bruce. Anyone who likes Kenzi that much is OK in my book.
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