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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

Here's a fascinating (and maybe even slightly on-topic! ) question:

"In universe", the obs lounge model artwork we're all discussing vanishes completely without explanation halfway through the series' run, never to return again (chronologically speaking, that is... it *does* pop up again in the 'past' segments of All Good Things).

Do any of us have any wild theories why this might be?

(I know in real-life it's because it got removed when the set was redressed for use in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and the wall featuring the ships of the line artwork was simply never replaced, at least until it got hauled back out of storage for that scene in All Good Things. But let us ask the question, *why* would it be taken out of the lounge "in universe"? )
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