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Re: Inner Light, LOL

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Hey, if you want a "Kirk vs. Picard" debate to swing in Kirk's favor
I do not *want* that, but that's where it always seems to come to.

I mean, a show about giant ships zooming through space with bombastic orchestral music, aliens, special effects, hot babes and all that jazz -- and they make an episode about a LITTLE FLUTE? come on!
The episode was not about the flute. It was about Picard experiencing another life as a member of an entirely different people who wanted to be remembered.
On that note - I've always thought the episode was slightly hampered by the fact that the culture of Kataan is indistinguishable from every other single-village, tabard-wearing planet the D ever visited. The probe plan to tell the universe all about their lost ways seems kind of a waste of effort tbh.
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