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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Agreed about the Tony Daniel art on Superman/Wonder Woman...he's been doing some beautiful work. Interesting story build up by Soule as well. We're progressing towards something big here. There's been a lot of set up though to get there.

Also really loving "Action Comics". Greg Pak has been doing awesome work on this, I really hope that he gets a long run on this book. I absolutely adore 52'Verse Lana Lang. I love this version of her, she's getting some character develop here that I felt she wasn't in previous versions, aside of course from "Smallville". Pak is building a very strong character and you can tell there is a genuine connection and bond between Clark and Lana. I also love the Aaron Kuder art. Wherever they found this guy from they get kudos because he's been terrific.

Forever Evil #5 was excellent again. The Lex character work from Johns is interesting, and I guess there is set up for him when he joins the Justice League concluding this, and finally the entity responsible for wiping out the Crime Syndicate's Earth/universe has finally arrived. Things are escalating towards the finish. The last two issues should be pretty packed with plot and action.
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