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Re: If you could only have one: Transporter or Holodeck

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Your pardon, Admiral...did not see your thread, but how cool would it be to have any of it...
At ease ensign.

This thread is it's own, I just linked mine for those who were curious. My thread isn't transporters verses holodecks. I think I read my other response and thought I posted it here but I chose the holodeck. I would love to watch Star Trek in first person, invite friends over to play current Xbox, Nintendo, or Playstation games in a 3D environment, or pick up a new skill by learning it first hand from scholars, scientists, artists, or anyone.

And though I'm a sucker for role-playing (I usually game every Friday night with my group), it's not expected here. I even tried to start a few RPG threads. I had a few on board but ultimately, it failed, but I'm all for it.

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