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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
New Star Wars figures, including the long-awaited upgrade of Ree-Yees from Jabba's Palace and Sgt. Doallyn from the same film.
I didn't realize the "black helmet guy" from ROTJ actually had a name and rank.

Hound of UIster wrote: View Post
Newest lineup of Generations toys, which lines up perfectly with the leaked toylist from awhile back.

Crosscut or rather Senator Crosscut. A rather obscure remold of Skids and more recently a character from the TF Comics. The toy along with Rattrap, Tankorr, Windblade, Starscream and the Minicons will have one of the issues of the Dark Cybertron crossover bundled along with it.

Jetfire, a more accurate and leader sized Jetfire. This puts to shame classics Jetfire. I foresee quite a few collectors dumping their old one on ebay for the new version. There is definitely influences from the Valkyries of Macross (that the toy came from) as well as the original G1 Skyfire. Hopefully the helmet comes off like the Dreamwave and IDW Jetfire. Note the actual fighter cockpit and nose are in the back.

Roadbuster, a Voyager sized TF and part of the Wreckers like Whirl. Both of them originated the Dorvack toyline. Really not feeling it from this mold.

Windblade, the fan designed female transformer who is also getting her own comic. She looks better than I expected and fills the niche of the female autobot flyer in everyone's collection. However the toy shown here looks mistranformed. She is a potential generations remold for Slipstream, the only female Seeker from Animated.

Jhiaxus, this version is based on the IDW version and a retool of the Generations Armada Starscream. The Deco is reminiscent of the only extant Jhiaxus toy that was recolored from the Beast Machines Jetstorm.

RiD Skybyte, but based on the version seen in IDW. Really not doing it for me.

Rattrap. Probably one of the stars that everyone has been looked forward to. Note the arms have the sticky bombs from the show.

Tankor from Beast Machines. Ironically he is dwarfed by Rattrap since the Beast Machines version is suppose to be a giant and probably would be better represented by a voyager.


Generations Legends Gears. A retool of Swerve like everyone predicted. But the headsculpt really can't compare to the IDW inspired head that Hasbro gave to Swerve.

Jetfire looks pretty sweet, and I'm glad since I've been kicking myself for not buying the Classics/Generations version of the mold. I knew they were coming out with an updated Whirl figure (which I'm looking forward to), and I think Roadbuster looks nice too.

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