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Re: If they had any balls...

Of course it would be boring if they made an entire movie of them collecting alien plants and cataloguing space farts. I don't think anyone is arguing that.

But take Alien for example: that movie is about a crew that investigates an uncharted world and accidentally picks up a killer alien. Why not do something like that? Maybe instead of remaking Wrath of Khan yet again, they should've remade "Where No Man Has Gone Before" or even something like "The Cage", where the Enterprise is out exploring and come across some sort of conflict for the plot.

I'm just tired of these regurgitated "vengeful villain with superweapon wants to destroy Earth" plots we've been getting. It feels more like uninspired superhero movies than anything resembling Star Trek. Their costumes are even made entirely out of their own logo like Brandon Routh's costume in Superman Returns.

Then again, maybe this is just further evidence that Star Trek is better suited for television than for movies.
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