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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

I have to say that I got about 15 minutes in and started fast forwarding. Not to diminish the efforts of the cast and crew, but some parts for me just don't do it.

Vic is a good Kirk. He captures, for the most part, what Shatner did in TOS. Sometimes I can squint and see the original cast. That said, there are times when Vic's body language looks stiff and unnatural, as if he is trying too hard to mimick Shatner instead of owning the part. That's neither good nor bad, it's just an observation.

The McKennah character gets on my nerves. The actress is capable enough, but the character is out of place in this setting. It's been said that she is too familiar with her captain, and I agree. It was even pointed out by Lolani.

I've read comments about Lou Ferrigno's speech impediment due to his hearing loss. I've seen him on King of Queens and Chuck, and it's never been an issue for me. Just curious, though: has anyone asked him what he thought about being back in greenface?

A couple other thoughts:

If Haberkorn is going to continue as Spock, he needs to practice his lines looking in a mirror so he can see how his lack of facial expression looks to the rest of us.

The young actor, the one kidnapped and in love with Lolani, doesn't work for me. Is this the actor that Phase 2 cast as their young Kirk for Origins? I don't get that.

Chris Doohan does an amazing job of channeling his father's portrayal of Scotty.

The film grain effect on the space shots (which are very good) doesn't match what I see in the set shots. If it can't be matched more closely, I would leave it out.

The sets and lighting are excellent. Some of the camera shots seem a little ... off. But that's just me. It's hard to duplicate the original series style. I do like the updated titles and opening sequence.

I'll have to go back and watch the episode to the end, but this is my impression from what I've seen.

To any of the cast and crew that might read this, no offense is intended. I'm just relaying my initial reactions. I'm looking forward to more from this group.
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