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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Yes, yes it is.

At the end of that big invasion cross over, the Avengers flag was flying proud and true across the galaxy on hundreds of "Avengers Worlds" which if I was a sceptical and pessimistic man, I would think was the beginning of an "Avengers Empire" which the older powers would feel compelled to put down quickly rather than admit to shrinkage of their own space.

But Captain America has returned to Earth and forgotten about the Galactic Stage.

Politically Jean's trial might be needed to remind the universe that Humans are crazy and dangerous.


They could just kill her and send back a brainwashed super skull.

Although I'm thinking what might happen is what happened to O'Brien in DS9 Hard Times. Send her to jail for a thousand virtual years, which only takes a few moments in real time to play out.

They can't do anything to the original Marvel Girl, not even to her personality that any infringements or punishment would have to be erased before she is finally sent back to the past, but what if they clone the girl and kill the clone. Keep killing clones, keep punishing clones. Execute a new clone every day for the next 10 thousand years to prove that not even the dead can hide from justice.

Besides, if you think about this, everyone capable of time travel is responsible for Jean's genocide because they did not going back in time and stop her, if the resolution of this trial in any way during the next couple comics is to stop her going back, or sending her back different, it's an assault on the timeline that could have dangerous repercussions on the present.
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