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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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Concur (although I do think Quinto does a nice job), and while I enjoy the various fan-continuations, I find the actors playing the principal characters all come across as fans getting to play dress-up -
I hope the next Trek reboot gives us a completely different look for Spock, and not try so hard to imitate Nimoy's look, which is all too familiar to us. Give us a new look which evokes a sense of mytery to the character that audiences must have felt the first time they saw Nimoy's Spock in the 60s. The only physical aspect of the character which should be retained is the pointed ears. I would have liked Benedict Cumberbatch to have played Spock in the last two movies, looking exactly as he did in ID (with pointed ears, of course) and playing a character similar to the one he plays on Sherlock... namely Sherlock.
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