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Re: How recognizable is the enterprise crew?

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I'm pretty sure the face of Locutus gives a great deal of Federation citizens horrid nightmares
Maybe Picard is recognizable, because of the Locutus thing, but do you really think the rest of the crew would be?
Data most definitely. He's the most intriguing individual in all of the Federation. They found his head buried beneath San Francisco, & probably shit themselves

The Romulans of all people managed to turn out a Laforge doppelganger. Troi is also captured by them for her likeness to a Romulan Tal Shiar agent

Worf! is... WORF SON OF MOGH C'mon! He's famous throughout the galaxy. He murdered a guy who would be leader of an entire galactic superpower, (& then later, murdered the sitting one, right?) & he's the only Klingon in Starfleet. He turned the tide of a civil war. They will sing songs about that guy

Wesley is a boy flying the Federation flagship. I don't know how recognizable he is, but he's certainly known. Didn't the Traveler show up to find Wesley?

As for the rest of them, meh... I suppose they are slightly known by association, but maybe not too much
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