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Actually, the opening scene of STID is the first and only time we've see the crew of any Enterprise doing any exploring in a Star Trek movie. Seriously, the only exploring done in the TOS movies was by the Reliant in TWOK, the Grissom in TSFS and the Excelsior in TUC. No exploration at all in the TNG ones.
Hmmm. What about Sha Ka Ree in STV? What about the interior of V'Ger in TMP?
V'Ger was threat response and the Enterprise went to Sha Ka Ree after it was hijacked. Therefore, neither are exploration.
Of course it's exploration.

If you'd said that "doing any exploring" wasn't how you meant to put it, because instead you meant that they never went on a mission just for the purpose of exploring, you might find people going, "Oh, OK, yeah, I see what you mean."

But as it is, disqualifying refutations of what you said, because it's not what you meant, it doesn't count for much. I won't speak for anyone else, but I know I'm not a mind reader!
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