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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

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Exhibit B: Since we know nothing of the era outside of the novelverse, just about anything can be invented here. I got the impression from "Yesterday's Enterprise" that the Starfleet of the -C era was going through something of a budget crisis - still using the uniform and phaser designs from Wrath of Khan, and with such a spare and militaristic bridge. But then again, if the ever-changing starship designs are merely the technology-meets-art whim of future designers (as is IMO the only way to rationalize the TOS look), it may simply have been the style of the time.

Exhibit D: You're assuming a lot, here. We saw the STV phasers first in V, but for all we know (as Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise suggests about the II and III phasers) they were concurrently used designs from different manufacturers. After all, TOS-style communicators keep coming back throughout the classic movies, despite the basic design being "first" seen on the USS Kelvin in 2233. Do Starfleet keep changing then changing back? Or are they tried and trusted designs that outlive the others?
Agreed. The most common 9mm pistol that Americans are familiar with was first issued in 1911, and has stayed in service because it's reliable and gets the job done. As for Castillo's uniform, I don't think the missing insignia could be argued as any sort of proof of an alternate continuity, because that's too far of a stretch (IMO). It's far more likely that he lost his chest insignia during the original battle and doesn't have much time to get a new one, and perhaps the belt as well. I'd have to look at screencaps again to see if any of the other crew had a visible belt.

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