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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I was just wondering if there is a book reading checklist to record completion and maybe date completed for Star Trek novels. I made a crude Excel version but do not have many of the later books that are on the flowchart. I completed reading "Vulcan's Glory" (ST-TOS #44) by D. C. Fontana (1989) and am back to reading "The Philosopher's Stone" by Colin Wilson.

With a bit more research, I see that Colin Wilson also wrote "Space Vampires" with alternate title "Lifeforce" that was made into a movie. Also noted that Dr. Armstrong in this movie is played by Patrick Stewart. It has the continuing theme of the previous two books. Generally the movie does not get great ratings.
Are you just looking for somewhere to record what books you read when, or just something with a list of all of the Trek books that have been published?
If it's the former, there are a couple of sites that allow you to record what books you read, when you bought them, ect. A alot of people use Goodreads, but I use a similar site called, Shelfari.
If you are looking for the latter, then one of the Trek Wikis, either the canon wiki, Memory Alpha, or the non-canon wiki, Memory Beta, are probably you're best bet. They do separate the books by series, but I'm pretty sure both have pretty much every Trek book that's been published, and all of the ones that have been officially announced.
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