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Re: TIE BREAKER -- TNG Avatar Contest #78: Remember Me

Ah, my apologies.

Our winners!

Episode Theme: Remember Me

JiNX-01.......... . . . . .

TNG Theme: Leisure

Orac.............. . . . . .

Random Theme: Superman Cartoons

Avro Arrow..... . . . . .

Congratulations to JiNX-01, Orac, and Avro Arrow! Sorry for the confusion, Orac and bbjeg had actually been tied for the TNG Theme. Orac, "Comeuppance" fits for the TNG Theme if you'd still like to use it, but if you want to change it feel free. Avro Arrow may choose the new Random Theme. Thank you again to all who entered and everyone who voted! Apologies for my delay. The episodes have been going by episode order though, we've been working our way through the series, sorry JiNX-01.
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