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Re: Inner Light, LOL

With few modifications, INNER LIGHT would've made much more sense, had it been a mechanism instead of a probe that Picard found, where he was living someone else's actual memories. By living someone else's life, he could've still experienced all of that and felt a deep sense of loss at the end. Yes, Picard would've been aware he was living someone else's life, but if he couldn't get out of it until the mechanism could either be stopped, or stopped itself, it's likely he would've felt some overlap, there - like it was his family, too. I don't know. The whole idea that this is - somehow - an alien's solution to their going extinct strikes me as absurd ... even bizarre, actually. But as written, it's still got its charm. A lot of emotional drama in this one that was new to Picard, so ... it's kind of forgivable, I guess.
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