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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

I can't believe I missed these.


This one is just... icky. Pornstache.

Laura can't seduce the camera like Kate can... but maybe that's just me.

Whatever you do, turn down the volume for this one, I think my ears are still bleeding.

Talk about icky.

Black Cindy's turn

No Valentines from Daya, but a snapshot on her twitter to show who/what is trending in the USA today.

Even better, acknowledgement from Cosmo re: who to watch out for this year.

Love the print ad...

2 girls trying to look bada$$... I think Red needs to give them lessons.

See how good she looks when she drops the bad attitude!

I know we've done two from this fashion shoot, but I don't remember this interview, so I'm adding it on.

Taylor picks up a new job.

Breakfast with Taylor.

A short Q&A with Uzo at another fashion show, this time revealing what she's doing on the "break" from OitNB.

Just a snippet of Delaria singing on V Day.

JUNE 6th is less than 3 months away!
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