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Re: Did You Ever Notice Riker Doing This?

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Thanks for your reply, Timewalker.

I've already decided to do it - I'm writing a Troy/Star Trek crossover/parody! It will be broadly funny, but also with plenty of black humour and even some pathos.
I look forward to reading it.

I do have to make two slight corrections to my description of the soap opera parody we did, though. I'd forgotten that we actually named Wesley "Eastley Smasher," and there was a brief mention of "Kilometres O'Brien" (since Canada uses the metric system ).
That's great.

Not to go any more off-topic from the original purpose of this thread than we already have done, but now that I've set out to write this story, I need a few ideas for characters - mostly because, who is everyone going to be? So far, I've come up with this list:

Jean-Luc Picard as Agamemnon
William T. Riker as Menelaus
Worf as Achilles
Deanna Troi as Helen of Troy

Disturbingly enough, my first thought for Paris was, and still is Devinoni Ral. And I have no idea who Hector could be, or any of the other Trojans, apart from the Duras family, which makes little sense, lol. Any ideas?
Guinan as Cassandra - the seeress who nobody believes

Ro Laren as the Amazon Queen (if you include the Amazons)

Lwaxana as one of the Goddesses - Hera, if you want to make her a serious character, or Aphrodite if you want to make her the temptress goddess who set this whole thing in motion. You also need somebody to be Athena, since Paris could also have chosen wisdom instead of love or whatever it was Hera had offered him.

Tasha might do as Andromache (Hector's wife), since she was a wife, mother, and not inclined to be submissive (at least according to the characterizations I've read in various historical novels)

You'll need characters for Hector, Paris (vain, shallow, selfish womanizer - twin brother of Cassandra - and someone with zero redeeming qualities); Patroclos (Achilles' lover); Iphigenia (the young woman sacrificed before the Greeks left to sail to Troy); Aeneas, the hero; King Priam; Queen Hecuba, etc.

Maybe Barclay would make a good Paris. He's already in love with Deanna, and he's insecure enough to be seduced by Aphrodite's offer.
Ok, thanks. I may take some of these ideas. I should warn you that for maximum comedic and dramatic value, I am actually going to base most of what I write off of the 2004 film Troy. I know, it wasn't entirely faithful to the myth, but I just want to focus mostly on the characters rather than the gods and goddesses - especially as explaining gods and goddesses in Trek isn't going to be easy lol!

Here is the new list - it sounds a bit crazy, but here it is:

Jean-Luc Picard as Agamemnon
William T. Riker as Menelaus
Worf as Achilles
Deanna Troi as Helen of Troy
Kurn as Patroclus
Gowron as Ajax
Data as Odysseus
Geordi LaForge as (?)

B’Etor as Paris (gender flipped obviously)
Beverly Crusher as Briseis
Duras as Hector
Toral as Hector’s Son
Ja’rod as King Priam
Tasha Yar as Andromache
Martok as Glaucus
(?) as Aeneas

That might sound bizarre, especially Paris being a woman in this version, but I can't seem to think of anyone to play Hector who isn't Klingon, and since I'm pretty sure Worf is going to be Achilles, it makes more sense for a Klingon to fight a Klingon in that particular battle. And so since Duras is Hector, Paris must be a sibling, and thus Paris becomes female and is B'Etor. Crazy, I know. Not sure it will work...maybe I should have the Trojans as more human characters.

Most importantly perhaps, making Ja'rod and Duras even mostly noble characters will be extremely difficult, and Duras being in wedlock with Tasha sounds ridiculous, even if funny. Maybe I should pick human or other alien characters instead.

Anyway, another on-topic add to this post:

In terms of Riker's poses and walks, does anyone think that maybe Riker has insecurity issues due to his dad? I was just thinking that this might be a good explanation for him sometimes acting a little over-macho, to the point where if he wasn't so good at doing it, it would come across as posturing and obscenely arrogant (and it does come across as somewhat arrogant, at least sometimes).
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