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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

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Anything Elon Musk says needs to be taken with a Saturn V rocket full of salt.
Ain't that the truth.

Good thing the Saturn V life cycle is already done, otherwise:

--ULA would try to kill it and replace with multiple EELV launches

--Rand Simberg would call it pork

--JPL would try to raid its budget after being spoiled by Dan Golden handing out Delta II sounding rockets like they were the lollypops handed out by an alcoholic father to silence noisy kids in the back seat of the car--they whine if you want to save candy money on a filling meal at the end of the day:
Nice quote from Mr. David S. F. Portree at the comment section of his site above:

"Myself, I think there's no substitute for heavy lift. Aren't propellant depots designed to give "private" space something to do?"

One last dig
There is this certain man named Rick who likes to fill with junk op-eds against SLS


As for me, I find more credible the sober words of a wise Griffin over those of a questionable Boozer

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