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Re: Inner Light, LOL

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Hey, if you want a "Kirk vs. Picard" debate to swing in Kirk's favor
I do not *want* that, but that's where it always seems to come to.

I mean, a show about giant ships zooming through space with bombastic orchestral music, aliens, special effects, hot babes and all that jazz -- and they make an episode about a LITTLE FLUTE? come on!
The City on the Edge of Forever is about a soup kitchen. It's not my favourite TOS episode, but it's oftenly considered as the better.

My problem with The Inner Light is that's too much. After 42 years of another life with a whole family, it's near cruelty.

If you want something with spaceships, aliens and confrontations, you have The Best of Both Worlds and Chain of Command...ok not necessarily the best examples for this debate considering Picard is abducted and tortured in both.
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