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Re: Viddy this! -Oh my friends…

Kryton said:
Joy said:
backstept said:
yikes . . .
HA! It's not "banned" from TV... It's just that Disney never had the balls to keep it in the movie when they played it back in the late '80s.

That clip is from one of the best movies I've ever seen, "The Adventures of Mark Twain". If you want to introduce your kids to Mark Twain, this is the movie to do it with. I highly recommend seeing it.

Wow...that was COOL! It was like a cross between Donnie Darko and Mr. Wizard. Would love to see the whole thing! :thumbsup:
Well, it's on DVD now, so you might be able to find it for rent...


Here's the first episode of a hilarious skit show that an online friend of mine does with a few of his friends:

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