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Re: Did You Ever Notice Riker Doing This?

Thanks for your reply, Timewalker.

I've already decided to do it - I'm writing a Troy/Star Trek crossover/parody! It will be broadly funny, but also with plenty of black humour and even some pathos.

Not to go any more off-topic from the original purpose of this thread than we already have done, but now that I've set out to write this story, I need a few ideas for characters - mostly because, who is everyone going to be? So far, I've come up with this list:

Jean-Luc Picard as Agamemnon
William T. Riker as Menelaus
Worf as Achilles
Deanna Troi as Helen of Troy

Disturbingly enough, my first thought for Paris was, and still is Devinoni Ral. And I have no idea who Hector could be, or any of the other Trojans, apart from the Duras family, which makes little sense, lol. Any ideas?

But just to keep this thread a little more on-topic, too:

Personally, I think Riker's habit of putting his foot on peoples' desks was a display of his authority. It's somewhat arrogant, smug, and perhaps even aggressive. But that's what his character was intended to be: TNG's answer to Kirk. Was Kirk like that? In my opinion yes, although in a good way.

Whether Riker's 'physical maneuvers' (for lack of better words)
were also like this and in a good way is up for debate. Personally, I never saw it as a bad thing, but if you remember 'Hollow Pursuits', Deanna said to Riker in that episode something along the lines of: "You are very tall. It could be intimidating to some people" - which, combined with his aforementioned habit of putting his foot on lower-ranking officers' desks, might imply that he does sometimes (or even often) throw his weight around a little too much.
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