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Re: will there be a new star trek game for 50th anniversary?

I hope they go retro, point & click games for all series please. 10 Chapters for each of the live action shows, 5 unlockable animated series mini games.

Example Chapters
TOS: It was green.

You need to find Scotty and sober him up in time, by using the correct 'hair of the dog' cocktail.

TNG: Make It Go

Trapped on a planet with some Pakleds and a beautiful woman, can Geordi find the parts needed to get off world and get a first date?

DS9: Quark's Elite.

In deep trouble with the FCC, can Quark trade his way to getting Brunt off hid back.

Voy: Dead Again.

Harry Kim is dead, again, you need to search the multiverse to find a suitable replacement.

Enterprise: Menagerie a Troi

Phlox's mini zoo has escaped and they are playing havoc with the current owner of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx and heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. Can Porthos and Phlos wrangle the livestock back in time to save face?
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