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Re: The Doctor's Teeth & Eye's in The Darkling

Oh, yeah? You liked his eyes ... well ... I don't know what to say to that, except that, as far as I'm concerned, this guy was Orlando Bloom, compared to Neelix! And although we didn't get to know the guy all that well, he seemed genuinely interested in Kes' welfare. And, until The Doctor swung him around and flung him down a sinkhole, he seemed to be a man doing well with a beautiful woman. Interestingly, his being hospitalized and on crutches, or whatever was enough to give Kes second thoughts about their relationship. Yet, she remained loyal to the Doctor, despite the fact that he tried to kill her in a murder-suicide, which would've been enough for me to burn my bridges with Voyager! But she didn't because, aside from being guileless and vunerable, she is also very forgiving. And ... the show needed more Kes. Much more than we got, I dare say ...
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