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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

Lots of interesting comments. I actually had to watch the episode a few times to gather the subtle nuances I might have missed otherwise. What is however immediately obvious and what I like best is that it approaches the process as a 'what if' visual and audible recreation of an era episode (in the same way Exeter did). Going so far as to maintain the nostalgic TOS 4:3 screen ratio and most importantly the same music and cues.

And there are many more subtleties I appreciate like the era correct lighting and the camera direction. Notably the initial extreme close up on the distressed Kenway being held hostage by Lolani. In fact I'd go so far as to say the actor playing Kenway has a future in the business and could be the next Michael J.Fox. 'Back to the Future4' anyone? And Daniel Logan played well as a Chekov style replacement.

I also thought Nemecek offered up a light and whimsical take on McCoy that I thought helped lighten the mood and tone of the message being levied in this episode. And I hope to see his character further develop and get a more cranky fidgety side as well.

With everything there are pro's and cons. And I find that critiquing the cons can usually be of more help than the latter. Having said that I'll agree with some of what a few have already mentioned in so far as Uhura making a more apropos and ironically suitable liaison for Lolani on many different levels. Nevertheless, rather than critique after the fact what can't be modified I want to offer some suggestions on what I think could be improved for future episodes.

Kirk: I'd like to see Vic do a more extreme and more emboldened Shatneresque delivery in voice and mannerism and not hold back. If Vic is in fact playing Shatner as Kirk...let it ring true. As it is I see the physicality and subtleties of a Shatner Kirk but I think its a slow burning pot that hasn't yet boiled its full potential. The nearest I saw this happen was during the dinner sequence when Kirk turned the table on Zaminhon ala 'Space Seed'. In general though Vic does capture the empathetic side of Shatner/Kirk with slight personal modification and that's to be applauded.

Spock: Needs to try and find the subdued emotive range Nimoy played in to the role on nascent levels rather than just the monotone. And search for more comedic reaction in the character. Nimoy made us lightly aware it was there but then that was the genius that is Nimoy. And as someone in this thread pointed out Spock and vulcans in general seem to be a tough role for fanfilms and actors in general to recreate. Unless of course you're Tim Russ.

Episode tonality: Less TNG style drab dialoging and droning and more TOS pacing and imaginative psychedelic anything is possible creativity. That was the TOS I loved.

In general however, a good topical and controversial topic to tackle for a TOS style episode both within the ST universe, and with real world connotations. And I think STC does it in a noble and entertaining manner, which no matter how you slice it deserves credit for going where few fan films have...

Quoting DCR: "The fact that I do critique STC is a sign that I do like it's not perfect, but I like it enough to want it to be better."
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