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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I've been getting hooked on this recent watch of Season 13. I watched the Seeds of Doom this time and it's another entertaining story.

This one stands out as the script by Robert Banks Stewart has lots of great Doctor lines and moments. The Doctor is full of snark, trying to enlist aid he mentions how the threat could be "the end of everything even your pension" and picks up a ringing phone says "he's busy" and hangs up. "What do you do for an encore?" "I win." Indeed.

In addition to the wordplay I'm really surprised how much a man of action The doctor is in this one. The Doctor jumps through a skylight to save Sarah, physically beats up a few including giving one a nasty twist of the neck and is all over the place. I'd say Tom Baker this season puts in a physical performance equal or better to any before or after.

There's some good modelwork with the arctic base and I really liked the sequence with the tendril emerging from the seed. The mutated creature works pretty well especially given that it operates without benefit of shadow or dark lighting. Even the oversized tendril writhing through the window works well.

Every story I've seen this season seemed to have been inspired by some other source, in this case it would seem to be The Thing From Another World. I think starting with the base but then moving back to England helped break up the longer serial so it moved better. Basically there were two episodes in the arctic, two episodes with the pod and then two episodes with the oversized plant and each section had its own feel which worked well.

The unhinged villain made for an interesting change of pace. In the end seeing him in meditation pose spacily going on about the plants and trees was something else. Similarly the amoral yet not unreasonable Scorby had shades of gray that were unexpected. While not villainous, the irascible older painter Ducat was entertaining in her support role as well.

Oh and those beards were fake, right? I think it may have been the hair but Lis Sladen reminded me of the Romulan commander that Kirk stole the cloaking device from.

I skipped Terror of the Zygons because I figured it was probably not one of the more Gothic-y/horrorish episodes which I was looking for. I may check it out next though as I see it has the same writer.
Terror Of The Zygons was a great one and yes the same creative team worked it as well. Harrison Chase came across to me as a James Bond styled villain complete with a great henchman in Scorby. Robert Banks Stewart was going to write the season finale for the 14th season as well but he got recruited by Thames and it was up to Robert Holmes to write it.

And to see Tom Baker at possibly his most active you should see The Deadly Assassin, the fourth Dcotor went though a really tough physical and mental guantlent in the surreal world of the Matrix.
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