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Re: Farscape... I am liking this series...

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Yeah, a few years back I went to a con where she was a guest and she talked quite a bit about how miserable the makeup made her, and that (I believe) it was the reason she quit.
It explains the whole thing on the DVD extras. The makeup was making her very sick, and over heating. She told her manager and the manager said she wanted off the show. She only wanted to do less episodes and have some hair (to let the heat out and because she wanted hair in real life), but the compunctions between here and the production deal was horrible so she just ended up gone instead.
Thanks for sharing. I knew that there was some "issue" with her make-up, but this is new to me. It seems like a bit of an overreaction to let her go.

Well it seems to be miscommunication between her and her manager and the show creators. She even admitted that she doesn't know if the creators were told what was going on.

I'm sure if there was better talking on the set they could have grown her some hair and just said she was blooming or something.
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