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Re: Season SIX OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I'm sure they took studio lighting into account when the designed the uniforms, much in the same way the E-D was painted with lots of blues so it would look correct under studio lighting.
Oh, I completely agree with you. And I'm fairly confident that CBS would agree with you as well, given they actually encourage their licensees to "correct" the colors to depict what was seen on-screen, not what the actual costume looked like. (An example of this is the Red TNG Uniform Hoodie available from ThinkGeek). CBS-D has also fixed the inconsistent colors in previous episodes, as pointed out in the EAS observations for "Remember Me."

The intent of my post was to point out that CBS did not color-correct CoC to show "true color" of the uniforms as FrontierTrek stated, but they are showing a more consistant color as what's seen throughout the rest of the series.

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