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Re: Did You Ever Notice Riker Doing This?

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I agree that it's easy to find humour in his performance. But his character comes in for a lot of criticism, too.
I will say this: every time I've tried to write serious fanfic with Riker as a character, it always turns into a satire. Riker does not do well in my ST satires (neither does Kirk, for that matter). I still have fond memories of the TNG soap opera parody a friend and I wrote for our ST clubzine... poor Bill Biker and Hellana of Troi didn't fare too well.
That's interesting, I never thought of this kind of thing too much before but when I think about it now, it makes a lot of sense - Riker is the kind of character who's easy to parody and do satires with.

On that note, if you don't mind me asking, did you actually write a soap opera parody of TNG based on the Iliad? Or did you simply use those kinds of names? If it was based on the Iliad, could you please send me a link to it? I'd really like to read it - I love crossover stories, and the idea of Star Trek mixed with the Trojan War is just hilarious.

If I'm wrong and it's nothing to do with that, then don't worry. Still sounds interesting though.
Alas, I have no idea if I've got any copies of this. We wrote it back in 1989-1990, long before either of us had any sort of online accesses. In fact, the first issue was done on my old Smith-Corona typewriter, and the print run was very small.

To answer your question about the plot: No, it had nothing at all to do with the Iliad. We just did a takeoff on Deanna's name, and I automatically connected Troy/Troi. This pair was just a part of the overall soap opera... of course we had a romance going on between "Jaques-Nuc Jacquard" and "Dr. Beverly Smasher" (I didn't pick those names!), and naturally Westley Smasher just had to be a brat and invent a time travel device to rescue his father, Jack Smasher, because he didn't want his mom to marry the Captain! So it was a very tense love triangle in the making...

Then Christmas happened, and Info was given a present that really made him happy: this was our crossover issue, and for some inexplicable reason Narth Dater was feeling in a really good mood and rescued Yasha Tar. I don't actually recall if we had any coherent explanation why a Star Wars villain would go to the trouble of rescuing a Star Trek character and bring her back, but hey - all kinds of unlikely things happen at Christmas, right? I do recall this part of the story came about because I had just mused about what Darth Vader would look like wearing a Santa hat...

We didn't do a lot in that parody with Lieutenant Wharf. This was before a lot of the Klingon stuff started on TNG, so he didn't get much action (other than getting drunk at the senior staff Christmas party).

We actually did more with Worf in another story - a committee-written one where one person would write a few paragraphs and pass it along to someone else. The last chapter I remember of that one had Worf being stuck in a tense situation with a blob of sentient oatmeal porridge (albeit a very smart blob of porridge - it had a doctorate from Harvard, after all), the porridge's pet cat Marmalade, and no rescue in sight...

(yes, we were a very odd group of people )

Anyway, this was a long time ago, pre-internet, with a limited number of copies made of all this stuff. So I'm sorry to have to say that it's not online anywhere, and probably never will be.

But it would be an intriguing idea to do a Star Trek/Trojan War story!
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