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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl will be a five-issue story detailing the first sixty days following Amazing Fantasy 15.

A few quotes from writer Dan Slott...
As a fan, there's certain things about revisiting origins that scare me. I hate it when all this extra ballast is attached onto something so beautiful and elegant. Plus, Spider-Man has one of the best origin stories of all time. So my take was always that we leave everything we know as sacrosanct.

Everything that happens in "Learning to Crawl" you can consider canon. This happened, and it tells a story that takes place the second after "Amazing Fantasy" #15 ends. The closing shot of "Amazing Fantasy" #15 is Peter Parker walking into the distance, having learned the lesson of great power and great responsibility. The opening of this series is Peter Parker walking towards us. So the camera is on the other side now as he's wondering now that he knows that life changing lesson, what does he do next?

That's the opening moment. This story happens right after "Amazing Fantasy" #15 and concurrently with "Amazing Spider-Man" #1-3. Those four issues are the Bible, and this is the story that you never knew and it's happening when the camera wasn't rolling before. Important things happen. Things that you knew had to have to happened -- and now you'll see them unfold in ways that will hopefully feel true and surprising in how revelatory they are. It really gets to the heart of a new hero finding his way.

This is going to be running in tandem with "Amazing," where instead of "Amazing" twice a month, what we're doing is every month you get an issue of "Amazing" and an issue of "Learning to Crawl," which will be under the "Amazing Spider-Man" banner. You'll get that for five months. Then, when "Learning to Crawl" is done, the stories are going to fold into each other. In the very next issue of "Amazing," you'll see how "Learning to Crawl" affects the present day.
Sounds interesting, although I will probably only pick up the flashback issues.
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