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Re: They really should have found a way to get Shatner on one of the m

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Shatner has been in as many Trek movies as Connery was in Bond movies. And that's not counting three seasons of TOS. That's a good long run, I think, and more than enough for anyone.

It's way past time for everybody to accept Chris Pine as Kirk (along with Brian Goss from Star Trek Phase II).
But what if we just don't like Pine? As an actor or as his part is written? I have nothing against Pine as an actor--he strikes me as being an able enough guy--but I do have a problem with how his Kirk is based on the same "phaser in hand, green girl in the other" reductionism that plagued the TNG/VOY creative offices. As I said after seeing the first one, Pine's Kirk is a great Gary Mitchell.

We can accept new actors in an established role but we can also object if we think the new actor is wrong for the part or does a bad job with it. George Clooney is a great actor but his Batman was--thanks to his own lack of investment and the utter abortion that was everything else about the film he was in--terrible. Likewise, some people are going to prefer the mean, cold-blooded killer Bonds (Connery and Craig) to the more suave and humorous Bonds (Lazenby, Moore and Brosnan--though Brosnan, imho, could actually do cold-blooded quite nicely).

As far is Shatner is concerned, I have no desire to see him reprise Kirk. I just wish he didn't have to see his iteration of the character go out in one of the worst Trek movies.
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