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Re: TNG Caption This! 346: Lovey Dovey

Thanks ftw Leadhead!

Captain's Personal Log: Just for fun, I've rigged the holodeck to create Riker's latest light and photons girlfriend to be based exactly on his mother as a young woman.

Dorn: You know, considering Klingons are popular and frequently recurring characters you'd think the tight wads with their hands on the budget strings would pimp for new uniforms rather than make us wear decade old ones!

Plakson: It's alright for you, I'm in Maltz' cosutme!

Picard: Are you sure you don't have a little French in you?

Beverly: No.

Picard: Would you like some?

Beverly: I don't fall for that joke a third time!

Geordi: I hope this goes better than my time on the Holodeck with that projection that turned out to be based on Riker's mom.

Riker: Wait... what they hell? What sort of a world have we created where bingo has outlasted aphrodisiacs?
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