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Re: If Doctor Who was an American show from the beginning

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Some of the casting ideas are just stupid. Tony Shalhoub was virtually unknown in the 1980s. Some of the other picks talk about how the actors' experiences helped make them great Doctors, disregarding the fact that some of the roles mentioned happened long after their supposed tenure on the imagined American show.
But as someone else said, it's make-believe and quite tongue-in-cheek. Anyway, it's not like Matt Smith, David Tennant or Tom Baker were very well-known before being cast as the Doctor.

I think the first 4 are better mirror universe equivalents to the real ones than the others, though Sam Rockwell as Ten is a good call. I could also see Nic Cage as an alternative Eccleston, if he turned down the volume.

But Gene Wilder as the American Tom Baker - genius! I really want to see him as The Doctor now...
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