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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

My quest for several months now is to build a computer (or acquire an old one) that I can use exclusively to play Trek Games from the mid-90's to the end of the decade. I've been able to procure 2 good candidates: An HP w/a Celeron 1.8 and a Compaq w/a PIII.

The PIII came w/Win2000 already installed and the last user didn't understand the concept of spyware/virus protection so the box was a mess an no matter what I did to repair it, I was left with an IE problem that I couldn't fix no matter what. Cutting to the chase, I'm blowing out the hard drive on this thing and I was going to reinstall Win2000.

From what I've been reading it would appear that installing Win98 for old trek games is the way to go, is that correct.

Second, do I ant to keep the file system as FAT or can I maike it NTFS?

Third, if it is better for me to have Win98 how the crap am I going to get updates for it as MS is no longer supporting? Since I'm only using it for the games is it necessary that I get updates?

And, does that QT problem affest Win98 computers?

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