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Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Thanks for the win!

Lenore: "Why Captain, it's nice of you to say. I get all of my furs at H. Mudd and Associates. Incidentally, where did you get your toupee, it looks so natural?"
Kirk: "H. Mudd and Associates..."

Scott: "I invented it myself sair, a microwave for frigid women."
Kirk: "Officer thinking, Mr Scott."

Kirk over communicator: "Mr Spock. Mr Spock! Are you okay down there. Do you need help?"
Spock: "Not likely, Captain. The two of us are gonna have a threesome if you know what I mean."
Leila: "Ooh, I love Vulcans!"

Chekov: "How about a little roleplay?"
Landon: "Sure, I'll be any woman in the universe... and you be Geordi LaForge."
Chekov: "Aw crap!"

Natira: "You know, for a Doctor specialising in xenobiology, I didn't expect you to be that shocked at the revelation that Yonadan women have the penises in the species."
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