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Re: Are monocultures actually the rule?

I can imagine non-humanoid monocultures easily enough, but for humanoids whose evolution parallels our own, I don't think monocultures are very probable. Not unless the humanoids are capable of modifying their environment completely to their needs (negating the need to adapt to it in any way, an Inuit would not do well on the African savannah, nor would a Maasai survive for long in Greenland with the skills he learned and the technology he used in Africa) and have at least one class of people who are telepathic, negating language drift and ensuring communications even before the development of communications technology. However, if the entire people is telepathic, it would obviate the need to develop communications technology altogether, indeed, the species in question would probably not even have a spoken language, making communications with non-telepathic species problematic at best.
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