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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

Just to clarify the issue of the C design. from Facebook today:
Rick Sternbach With the astoundingly short time we had to get the design blueprinted and have the miniature built - such is the reality of episodic television - I did what I could to simplify the model so that Greg Jein could fabricate it, while simultaneously trying to keep as many of the elements visible in the single color sketch as I could. We did what we could with what we had. Today, it is nice to see what the ship could have looked like, given the time and money and technology.

Rick Sternbach One could certainly look at my take on the C as the rough prototype that led to the F-117A, and Andy's as the real thing. I don't have whole lot of emotional investment in canon; Trek is what's in your own personal head, so dream of the C you like best.
Straight from the designer's mouth.

No big conspiracy. Nothing about "too expensive". Limited time to fabricate = simplify design to meet deadlines.
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