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Re: Is Star Trek better as a TV series or a film series?

It's kind of not a fair fight. There have been 700+ shots for the TV series and only 12 shots for the film series. If only a measly 20% of the TV episodes are good, there's well over 100 hours of good memories for us to draw upon (an underestimate on my part, but it helps make my point). If up to 8 of the 12 movies can be considered good (TMP, TWOK, TSFS, TVH, TUC, FC, ST09, STID... or some other variation), that's still less than 17 hours. (Heck, if all the movies were good, that's still less than 25 hours.) I'm almost certain that the good "percentage" of the films is higher than that of the TV series.

Of course, we do hold a higher expectation for movies since we pay more. Perhaps it depends on whether expectations are met?
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