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Re: Star Trek: Hidden Frontier

I never really had a problem with the portrayal of the various relationships on Hidden Frontier. If anything, I was glad to see all kinds of relationships shown to be just as normal and everyday and commonplace in that show's "world."

There were times, though I felt the intent behind showing those relationships as normal and commonplace sometimes overruled what smart characters would do in some of the situations portrayed, but that's a whole other ball of wax.

Really, my only actual complaint about Hidden Frontier would just be that in its efforts to achieve longevity, it's overall series arc and plot were stretched out far too much. Siroc always got away, and whatever his mysterious mission was all about was continuously becoming more and more convoluted and impossible for the Starfleet heroes to stop once and for all until the finale.

Bear in mind, I watched every episode of the show and enjoyed each of them. I think in retrospect, I'd have preferred more contained plotlines over the course of its seven seasons that might have fed into one another rather than one massive arc that served as its throughline the entire time.

One thing that HF got definitely right was the cliffhanger in one of its later episodes -- Homeport? Vigil? I can't remember which one. The one where everything's fine for most of the episode until someone sabotages the space station and one of the officers is kidnapped. (At least, that's what I'm remembering today off the top of my head.) That damn episode had me screaming at my computer!

So, to Rob Caves and the entire production, I applaud you for the work you did. Perhaps more than any of the fan films today you guys really paved the way for modern fan films, showing that it was possible to continue to make these little films on the regular and also that they could be quality work. James Cawley once said he found Hidden Frontier to be "too soap opera-ish." In reality, he's basically been copying their approach with Phase II. Hidden Frontier set the stage and like it or love it, they did it first. More importantly, they did it well.
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