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Re: Star Trek: Hidden Frontier

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My main annoyance with it was how it spent so much time on repeatedly mentioning that some of the crew members were gay.
So what? I don't see any other show spending a quarter of its time on going on and on about the the eye color of some of its characters.

It was kinda funny to see a fan series repeatedly come up with better ideas and stories than the official stuff at that time with Paramount's million dollar budget behind it.
I do agree it sometimes went out of its way to draw attention to their sexual orientation, which got kind of annoying. The actual relationships were fine (though I think the show spent too much time on them).

Some of the storylines and characters were actually quite interesting, and despite suffering from some inevitably rough amateur acting, I thought a few of the performances were quite good. Rebecca Wood and Matthew Montgomery stand out, as well as the actress who portrayed the Romulan on "Odyssey."
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