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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

Bringing this from a thread where it was getting off topic.
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And yet, still not a sign of the divine. Your "treatise" is a case study for wishful thinking and rationalization beyond the breaking point. It's a beautiful example of "shoehorning" to no useful end as it won't have any change on canon.
I find it remarkable that you cast judgement before having read the parts that are yet to come, I clearly used Part I and Part II (posted that a few minutes ago) headings to get that across (and in case you had a preview of the draft I'd like to point out that I have changed structure and flow of the treatise to get the message better across).

In my discussions with Bernd Schneider he applied that "shoehorning" argument and used these K/S fan stories as an example for over-interpretation. While these K/S writers have no evidence for their claims, other than wishful thinking, I will present evidence. How to evaluate the evidence is another thing, suffice to say the treatise won't be without substance.


Yeah. Still not seeing any substance. The mental contortions are impressively sad though. You're manufacturing complexity to fit "evidence" together. Occam and Sherlock are facepalming. You should listen to Bernd.
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