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Re: TF: A Ceremony of Losses by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Found this quite a tough read due to the nature of the plot.

Certainly it's here that Ishan, for me, became a cardboard villain - an embargo against Andor? For leaving? How juvenile is that? Trade tariffs, yes; border controls, yes, embargo? That'll screw over the Federation members as well! He then follows that up by deciding that yes, as penalty for leaving the Federation, the Andorians should become extinct!

Also loathed the whole "we must obey our orders unthinkingly" aspect, OK yes, it's setting up Dax and co's rejection of that, but it was a bit clunky. Were it not that the darkening of the Federation gets rejected one again, this would have been harder still to read.

I am more intrigued as to what goes on in Section 31: Disavowed, maybe that'll wrap up some long running plots.

Where the book succeeded most of all is in Bashir, in addressing the consequences from Zero Sum Game - that he was haunted for years by his actions there made complete sense, as does the notion that he found a sense of redemption in saving the Andorians, a storyline which has been in play since 2001!
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