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Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

Hi there, im form a Star Trek Gaming Clan called The United Federation Of Planets or [UFP] we are currently looking for new members to become part of our growing trek family, we have various fleets and departments in UFP all with lots of skilled officers all willing to help you,

UFP plays the following games,

Bridge Commander
Starfleet Command 3
Elite Force 1 & 2
Armada 1 & 2
Star trek Legacy(PC)and(Xbox360)
Star Trek Online (once released)

Take a look at our site and Forum:

if you like what you see and wish to join, all you have to do is post in our Oaths forum, once accepted you'll be placed in our Academt program, after a little training you'll Graduate and become a ensign, with the chance to move up the ranks with your gaming and department work,

well ive gone on long enough, if you do like what you see and do decide to join, please say the Hartley sent you when posting your Oath.

thanks for your time, i hope to see you soon,

Fleet Captain Hartley
The United Federation Of Planets [UFP]
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