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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Anyone getting She-Hulk #1 today? I'm going to look it over once I get to the LCS and decide. I'm not super sold on the art seen in the preview pages.
@Craig, DAMMIT!! I knew there was something else I wanted to pick up!
I did end up getting it. Diamond shorted my LCS a box so I didn't get Eternal Warrior #6 so my justification to try out She-Hulk #1 was easy.

If any of you are looking for a low commitment then this issue has it. Like Black Widow #1 and Punisher #1 before it this issue is essentially a one&done proposition. Is this an "All New" wide spread gimmick? I haven't gotten Winter Soldier, Ms.Marvel etc? Sorry for digressing, now, could they tie back into this issue at some point, yes, but the story is told in this issue while setting up Jen's new status quo as solo adventurer. There are no costumed bad guys, Tony Stark makes a few panels worth of appearances and she fights a few robots. Largely this is a character piece opening issue, little action to speak of but still an enjoyable read. I just could not get sold on the art. I'll decide on issue #2 when I see it, could go either way.
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