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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Yeah, that all sounds theoretically good, but I don't really think there are such places.
Sure there are. What about the neighborhood they are in now, which seemed to be no more than a day or so's walk away. It's really no stretch of the imagination to say they should have had a planned general area that they made their way to in case of absolute emergency.
Very few of the "inmates" were leaving the prison and quite likely wouldn't know the area that well. Also, just because there were no walkers in that neighbourhood today doesn't mean there won't be 5000 of them there tomorrow.
Or 5000 yesterday. I mean maybe that's the place that the walkers that kept coming to the prison were coming from. Prior experiences with the suburbs were that they were somewhat dangerous, potentially much more so. I wouldn't be surprised if they did encounter this place on their travels, but the streets were full of walkers.
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